About us

EPIC Assist Charity Scotland (EPIC) was founded in 2013 to provide support and development opportunities to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups throughout Scotland. We expertly focus on the many issues that hinder the positive development of key life skills, employment, and social inclusion.

Over the past few years, EPIC has excelled in developing educational projects for youth from less privileged or vulnerable backgrounds. In the last five years, different versions of the project have successfully run under different names (Scottish Girls Project and Scottish Boys Project) with a range of social and religious groups at various locations across Scotland. Our overall goal is to encourage the personal development of youth through the acquisition of key life skills, which are less likely to be addressed at school or home.

EPIC benefits from the expertise of its sister organisation, EPIC Assist Australia. EPIC Australia has been delivering diverse projects for over 30 years, including mental health and disability awareness training, Disability Employment Services, volunteer programs, and diversity and inclusion workshops for employers.

Our core values

Our mission, vision and core values underpin everything we do.

Our people

The combined passion, knowledge, leadership and life experience of our team has resulted in us in helping thousands of people in need.

EPIC holds charity status

EPIC Assist is registered as a charity in Scotland.
A charity is a voluntary organisation that has been set up only for charitable purposes and to provide public benefit.

Our 30 year history

Our parent organisation in Australia, EPIC Assist, has been assisting people with disability and mental health conditions find and maintain meaningful employment for over 30 years.