The EPIC International Youth Project in collaboration with the Yoga Mandala Project, is an adaptation of EPIC’s original format, expertly tailored to support the refugee youth demographic. Topics have been chosen by international experts during a six-month research phase (including, two consultations with community members). They are based on years of experience working with those impacted by war and violence and the needs we were exposed to as practitioners in the field.

Through various psychosocial support programs, we have observed heightened levels of self-harm, a lack of self-esteem and confidence,
a need for hygiene resources and awareness, and a desire to better understand the culture of the host country whilst being able to share pride and celebrate their own culture. This project will help to support refugee youth experiencing this adversity, inspiring them to live healthy, happy and empowered lives.

Workshop list

  1. Mental health and wellbeing
  2. Physical health and hygiene practices
  3. Body image and self-esteem
  4. Art, design, and community empowerment
  5. Communication and cultural awareness
  6. Gender equality, relationships, and consent

What is the impact of my donation?

  • £5 will provide one young person with their own art supplies.
  • £10 will provide one young person with their own yoga mat.
  • £50 will cover the cost of one young person attending 6 workshops.

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