Mental health workshops

EPIC Assist Charity Scotland is equipped to deliver mental health workshops to empower communities and organisations to create mentally healthy spaces and confidently support their members with mental health conditions.

Why is mental health important?

In the UK more than one million people experience depression and more than two million experience an anxiety condition.

One in five women and one in eight men will experience a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression in their lifetime.

Minority communities experience even greater levels of mental health problems. Refugees and asylum seekers are more likely to experience mental health problems and Gypsy, Roma and Travellers are six times more likely to die by suicide than non-Travellers. 11% of Travellers deaths are accountable to suicides.

Why is mental health awareness important?

Although anxiety and depression can be as debilitating as a serious physical illness, less than half of those experiencing these conditions seek support.

Unfortunately, this means likely people in the local community, your family, your friends, your customers or even you may struggle with mental health.

Mental health conditions do not discriminate. They can affect anyone at any stage of life.

Learning to be aware of what mental health looks like and how to manage yourself and others when they are living with mental health problems is paramount.

What our mental health workshop covers

We can personalise and tailor our workshops to suit your organisation’s needs and the individual needs of your community/members.

The aim of the training is to learn and have meaningful discussions about mental health.

The workshop promotes an understanding of mental health conditions, removing stigma, and creating psychologically safe workplaces from the lived experience perspective.

The training is delivered in a conversational environment and will cover:

  • an introduction to mental health conditions in Scotland
  • understanding different mental health conditions
  • understanding risk factors and triggers
  • how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness
  • the importance of empathy
  • mentally healthy workplaces

People that complete this workshop will have the confidence and tools to create psychologically safe environments and effectively lead people who have a mental health condition.

Our team

EPIC’s Mental health workshops have been put together by a team of experts, led by Mental Health Coordinator Grant. Grant provides clinical supervision and support to EPIC’s team of Mental Health Consultants in Australia.

Grant is an accredited mental health social worker and clinical psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience working in private practice and the community mental health sector.

Your workshop will be delivered by Candace Thomas, Program Coordinator with EPIC Assist Scotland.