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Combating youth unemployment

Slovakia has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in the EU. One main problem is the detachment between the education provided and the needs of the labour market. Another major factor is the absence of soft skills essential for nailing job interviews. In Scotland, these skills might be taught in schools, careers talks, or job centres.

While youth unemployment is also a problem in Scotland, despite many provisions made to tackle it, Slovakia currently doesn’t have the infrastructure to bridge the gap from education to employment. An astonishing third of Slovak university students fail to find work, and another third find work entirely unrelated to their area of study.

Everyone should have access to the tools they need to thrive in their education. EPIC Slovakia took this project forward with the aim to create sustainable careers counselling services through the input of students, youth workers, local authorities, and business professionals.

Students sit a lecture theater

A girl leans across a desk and smiles at the man who is speaking to her

The outcome

The project was highly successful as a transitioning training program project with Slovak youth workers in Irvine. Scotland delivered various transnational projects with Slovak students through the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. Our agenda with this project was to develop a stronger engagement among Scottish participants with the services readily available to them.

Our other partners in this project, CEiS Ayrshire, and Grupo EQ5 of Catilla – La Manch, stimulated the international cooperation on solutions to youth unemployment through their broad and diverse expertise.